Castro M1

The Castro M1 was designed with an attention to detail that meets the needs of urban cyclists. Stable and resistant, its sleek, light, and flexible design takes up so little space that it can be stored almost anywhere.

The M1 is a small bicycle with 20” wheels, weighing in at about 10.5 kgs, that is just as comfortable as a big bike. Its reduced dimensions allow for maximum agility. Its clean, simple look comes from a stainless steel frame highlighted by black and silver components.

The CASTRO M1 is an all-purpose bike. Whether you’re going to work, to see friends, for coffee, or just heading out for a ride, it’s a great addition to your daily routine.

As well as being a MINI bike, it’s also incredibly SLIM, takes up very little space, and can be stored anywhere. With just two quick movements – turn the handle bar and pull out the pedals – the bike becomes flat and occupies just 23cm of space. It’s perfect for storage in small areas. And if you like, you can also hang it.

Model M1s

— simplicity —

Automatic 2-speed Coaster Brake Rear Hub

For flat terrains. With just a light backwards touch you can change from one speed to another increasing the bike’s capabilities in the simplest manner

Model M1c

— more control —

3-Speed 70mm Drum Brake Rear Hub

Apt for all terrains. Move around the city with ease. The cables pass through the interior of the frame maintaining its sleek exterior.